PVV asylum minister Faber retracts “replacement theory” comments

„Prospective asylum minister Marjolein Faber has retracted her use of Nazi-era language on immigration, but insisted her concerns about the impact of asylum on the “demographics of the Netherlands” were well founded.

The PVV MP came under intense questioning over comments she made during a debate in the Senate four years ago, when she was rebuked by prime minister Mark Rutte for using the term omvolking, or population replacement.

Faber told a panel of MPs convened to run the rule over ministerial candidates that she recognised the word, derived from the German Umvolking, “carried terrible connotations with the past and Nazism”.

“The fact is that the demographics of the Netherlands are changing. It is very legitimate to have big concerns about it, and I have. But I realise that the words omvolking and replacement theory, a deliberate planned policy to alter or replace a population, is wrong and inappropriate.”

Faber said she had “no problem” taking back her words. “I don’t believe in a plan or conspiracy,” she said. “And my party and I despise everything to do with the Nazis and their ideology.

“The [intelligence agency] AIVD and [counter-terrorism agency] NCTV haven’t turned against replacement theory for nothing. I support that view and will not use those terms again.” “ (…)


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