US, UK and German tanks not built for Ukraine war

Abrams, Challengers and Leopard tanks are all likely to go up in smoke with their crews on Ukraine’s battlefields

by Stephen Bryen April 2, 2023

„German, British and American main battle tanks either already have arrived in Ukraine or will soon be on their way. But these tanks have some well-known weaknesses and the Russians are likely ready for them. Worse still, none of them have active defense systems, a critically important way of protecting tanks and tank crews from modern antitank weapons.

The German-made tanks are known as Leopards. Two different series of Leopard tanks are being sent to Ukraine, older Leopard-1 A-5s and Leopard 2 A-4 and A-6 tanks. The Leopard 2 series is regarded as one of the best-designed main battle tanks, comparing favorably to the US M1 Abrams, the Russian T-90 and the Israeli Merkava.“ (…)


US, UK and German tanks not built for Ukraine war

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