Is Pompeo Changing Tack on Turkey?

„US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has paid a visit to the eastern Mediterranean, where he met Greek leaders. He was also in Cyprus on September 12. Turkey has been threatening Greece and Cyprus and causing tensions in the eastern Mediterranean. Ankara’s challenge has caused Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel to work together more closely.
Pompeo’s trip appeared to illustrate a new US commitment to listening to Athens and Nicosia, rather than appeasing Ankara’s aggression. The trip raised eyebrows in Ankara where leaders have gotten used to bashing the US while also having a direct line to the White House.
Most recently, Pompeo aimed criticism at Turkey for fueling tension in Azerbaijan and Armenia because Turkey had said it could support Azerbaijan militarily. He also expressed concern that Syrian mercenary fighters, many of them wanted for looting in Afrin and Libya and known for religious extremism, had been recruited by Ankara to fight Armenia.“ (…)

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