Wasted tanks, wasted time in Ukraine

Inept NATO planning will get more Ukrainians killed and risk a wider war between Russia and the West

(…) „Now, Russia has fully mobilized and has deployed anywhere from 300,000 to 350,000 troops and is readying for a massive counterattack against the strained Ukrainian lines. To prevent a total rout, the NATO alliance is stepping in at the eleventh hour to send in a hodgepodge of MBTs.Western analysts, abandoning their sense of reason and probity, have become little more than cheerleaders for this decision (and other escalatory actions).

But when one looks at the timelines involved, the brittleness of the NATO supply chains into Ukraine and the way that the strained and drained Ukrainian defensive lines are already buckling under what is still-limited Russian pressure, one cannot help but wonder if these actions by NATO are wrong, dangerous and even futile.

They will not help Ukraine; they will get more Ukrainians killed and risk a wider war with the West.“ (…)

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