Chicago’s Indian American Muslim Council Doth Protest Too Much

by Benjamin Baird
Sunday Guardian
January 31, 2021

„Fighting for legitimacy, a U.S.-based Indian American Muslim organization has insisted that a Newsweek article characterizing it as Islamist and terrorist-tied amounts to a „smear campaign.“

In a December 7, 2020, op-ed, the Middle East Forum identified the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) as one of several U.S. Islamist organizations receiving COVID relief funds despite links to extremists. A single sentence devoted to the Muslim advocacy organization accused IAMC of being „anti-Hindu“ and possessing alleged ties to the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), a designated terrorist organization in India.

That was enough to provoke IAMC’s fury. It vociferously denied these accusations, drafting two letters and a press release calling the opinion piece „defamatory“ and „patently false,“ However, the truth is that the Newsweek article barely scratched the surface of IAMC’s ties to notorious Islamist ideologues, anti-Hindu bigots, and terrorist sympathizers.“ (…)

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