Legitimizing Terrorists by Zoom

„A recent Zoom event at San Francisco State University (SFSU) sparked investigations by the Departments of Education, Justice, and Treasury. Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) requested this action in a letter that threatened SFSU with severe federal consequences if it proceeded with an event hosting Leila Khaled, a current leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP), a US and EU-designated terrorist group.
Congressman Lamborn later referred SFSU for prosecution due to this event. While it is not uncommon for universities to feature strident anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic speakers, Khaled’s current leadership in a US-designated terrorist organization makes this case different in kind, and most likely unlawful. This area of law and policy are still unsettled.
Khaled is not just any terrorist. According to one law professor, „No living person has done more to romanticize terrorism than Leila Khaled.“ Her iconic status was assured when, over 50 years ago as an attractive young woman, she was an accomplice in the hijacking of two commercial airliners. In one, quick thinking by the pilot allowed her co-conspirator to be killed, yet all on board would have died if the grenade Khaled armed had not failed to explode. Given these violent actions, Khaled has never been granted a US visa and has been denied visas by several other Western countries for her involvement with the PFLP and terrorist acts. Thus, before the advent of video conferencing, an event like SFSU’s would not have been possible.“ (…)
Kommentar GB:
Wir haben es nicht nur in der EU, sondern ebenso in Nordamerika mit der islamischen Hidjra zu tun, d. h. der Auswanderung von Muslimen in nicht-islamische Länder, um diese zu islamisieren, und zwar in strategischer Verbindung mit einer vielfältigen diplomatischen, politischen und finanziellen Einflußpolitik, insbesondere innerhalb nationaler und supranationaler Organisationen (z.B. UNO).

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