Is It Time to ‚Normalize‘ the Temple Mount?

… [S]ince Israel retook the Temple Mount in 1967, it has not allowed Jewish worship on its holiest site. While retaining full national sovereignty on the Temple Mount and its environs, religious sovereignty was handed to the extremist Wakf Islamic religious trust, which has sought to throw out Jews for the mere moving of lips, holding Hebrew literature or the sheer mentioning that there was a Temple on the mount.
This „status quo“ has been kept because Israeli leaders did not want to stoke widespread global Islamic anger and riots. It has been openly stated by Israeli authorities that this is a security issue, and upsetting the current order on the Temple Mount could provoke violence.
However, we are now living in unprecedented times.
Israel has just signed an agreement with an Arab Gulf nation, has been allowed flyover rights by Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and is set to open the first embassy in Jerusalem by a Muslim-majority nation, Kosovo.“ (…)

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