Male or Female: There’s Nothing In Between

Since the dawn of our species, the evolution of two distinct sexes has been fundamental to human reproduction.

There is no such thing as a ‘sex spectrum.’

„The male and female sexes are ancient, having emerged on the evolutionary landscape more than a billion years ago. This is much older than humans, older than most plant and animal species, older than most marine life, and even older than the brain itself.

More than just keeping an individual alive, as food and water do, the two sexes keep entire species alive by producing more genetically unique individuals through sexual reproduction: the mixing of genomes and the fusion of sex cells called gametes. The evolution of male and female sexes is a major reason why the diversity of plant and animal species exists. It’s why we humans exist. It’s why you exist.“ (…)


Kommentar GB:

Soweit mir bekannt ist, ist die Sachlage biowissenschaftlich völlig klar: siehe oben.

Daneben gibt es m. W. Anomalien des Geschlechtsdimophismus samt der zugehörigen Heteronormalität:

a) somatischer Art, und b) psychosexueller Art; jeweils mit oder ohne Krankheitswert.

Zu (a) gehören Intersexuelle, zu (b) Nicht-Heteronormale und Transsexuelle.



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