Taliban’s Comeback in Afghanistan Energizes Turkish Islamists

by Abdullah Bozkurt
Nordic Monitor
August 17, 2021

„Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan must be pleased with the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan after his government helped secure Turkish jihadists who were trained and fought in Afghanistan and enlisted them in new jihadist ventures in Syria and elsewhere in cooperation with Turkish intelligence agency MIT.

It’s no wonder the Taliban announced it would view Turkey as an ally rather than an enemy after taking over Kabul and cementing control of the entire country. It appears the Taliban heard loud and clear the message of President Erdoğan, who said he shares the Taliban’s ideology.

Speaking on July 20 Erdoğan said his government would negotiate with the Taliban, whom he said should feel comfortable talking with Turkey, as opposed to the Americans. He justified his reasoning by underlining that „Turkey has nothing against the Taliban’s ideology, and since we aren’t in conflict with the Taliban’s beliefs, I believe we can better discuss and agree with them on issues.“

The day before he made these scandalous remarks, Erdoğan announced that Turkey had plans for Afghanistan in the Taliban era and added that „the Taliban knows very well the position of the Turkish government.“ “ (…)


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